we are the



wrenched from black

We are the Wrenchmonkees and we have been building customized motorcycles since 2008 and apparel since 2012. The motive is simple; we need decent workwear, which we can wear both in the garage and in the streets, conjured from a core of blackness.

Our apparel is created from the same source, from where we build our motorcycles. Usability is key and the devil is in the detail.


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We are idealistic about what we do and make sure everything leaving our hands are purebred Wrenchmonkees Motorcycles and Apparel.

Our products withstand hard wearing and use. It is designed and produced to be used every day.

Black is our main colour and the colour of our sources of inspiration. Our soul.

Black has a strong heritage being the preferred colour of rebels, countercultures, the avant-garde and youth rebellion throughout history. Futurists, beatniks, punks, bikers, rockabillies, Goths, avant-garde designers all have been flying the black colour. It is also the colour of death, night and mystic. There is always an element of danger to the colour black. Even more important to us it is also the colour of the road, tires, oil, smoke and dust.